High Performing Teams


Boost Your teams performance and job satisfaction – High Performing Teams deliver better results while having fun!

Imagine a team so focused and committed to achieve a common goal, that they are able to overcome all obstacles. A team that shares knowledge, think creative and deliver great results even under a lot of pressure. A team that communicates with trust and respect, so that they are capable of solving any potential conflict. A team in where all members takes responsibility to achieve great results in a positive atmosphere.

The 4 fundamental criteria to become High Performance Teams



At INNER ACTION we are experienced and successful in creating High Performing Teams. Our insight in classical challenges combined with our specific analysis we boost the motivation and job satisfaction through our proven concepts. We strengthen internal communication and cooperation with focus on trust and respect through educational activities.

Our activities simulate the everyday challenges at work and the team evolves through a facilitated process, which we relate to and implement in the daily work.

What makes INNER Actions concept unique is that they rise above the level of classical teambuilding. It’s not just bells and whistles or a fun day in the forest – it is active, playful learning, focusing on reflection. There is always set time of the end, how we relate to the patterns we have observed in ourselves in the activity. Then we draw parallels to everyday life in the company and identifies what we usefully can do even better. Recently we entered into specific cooperation agreements and drafted internal contracts, about how we can better serve and help each other across the organization, and it has subsequently proved to be effective and valuable.

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