From good intentions to excellent results


The road from good intentions to excellent results is not always as short as we would like it to be, especially when knowledge is to be transformed into personal and professional growth and not just into financial progress.

Most of us are through various educations and courses trained to put up with the ”gas station attendant way of teaching”. This method of teaching we know best from the classic chalk and talk way of teaching, where the expert in the field speaks for hours on end only backed up by an overhead projector or a black board and a piece of chalk. 

Research into learning (e.g. constructivism) supports the fact that learning cannot be done this way at all. Knowledge fed to us without our being able to process, assess or use it, disappears a few days after being presented to us. After which, it turns into just passive knowledge instead of insight that we can use actively and project onto the complexities of our jobs.

Luckily, it is possible to create teaching within practically any professional area which goes deeper than we are used to. The best way to learn is to be involved in the process and take the responsibility for our own learning.

We do not just learn with our brains

but to the same degree with our hearts. 

We learn when we are completely involved. We learn when it is important for us, if we have a task or problem to solve, if we know where we would love to go and are aware of not quite being there yet.

The teaching situation cannot and should never be the same as in real life – but we can imitate the learning situations of real life. Some of the prerequisites are that there are questions before there are answers, that we take a starting point in the day-to-day problems, an unfulfilled goal or a future challenge.


We expect a lot of ourselves when it comes to meeting the demands of this research into learning 

This means for instance that you will experience that we demand things of you as a participant, that we ask questions and that we involve you and let you work with challenging tasks. 

The teaching takes its starting point in the daily challenges and current situation of the company, and all theoretical messages are presented to you in simple and useable models.

It is very important for us that the teaching is based on experiences with a high level of activity, and that the theories are tested in many fun instructional cases. 


We call it Playful Learning!


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