The journey from good intentions to excellent results is sometimes longer than we think, especially when knowledge is converted to personal and professional growth.


Most of us are accustomed to courses with the “Gas station Method” – “just fill it up!”-pedagogy”.
This pedagogy we know best from the classic teacher-centered education, where a subject matter expert is talking for hours only supported by his PowerPoint and monotone voice.

Research within Learning (e.g. constructivism) supports that learning does not take place in this way. Knowledge that is poured on us, without a chance to process, evaluate and apply it generally rapidly degenerate in the next few days after we have been presented to it. Then it only becomes passive knowledge, instead of actual insights and skill sets that we are able to transfer to the complexity of everyday life.

Fortunately, it is possible to create an learning environment in virtually all disciplines that will connect deeper than we are used to. We learn best when we are involved in the process, and if we are feeling responsible for our own learning.

We learn not only with the brain, but just as much with the heart. We learn when we are involved with body and soul. We learn when it is important to us, if we have a problem, if we know where we really want to go and realize that we are not there yet.

The training situation can’t always be the same as reality – but we can imitate real-life learning situations. Some of the prerequisites for optimal learning is; that there are questions before there are answers, that we work with relevant problems, unfulfilled objectives or current challenges.

At INNER ACTION we set high standards to meet the demands of this learning research.
This means in particular that you will find that we will challenge you as a participant, we will ask you questions and we will involve you and let you work on challenging assignments.

The training will be based on the daily work related challenges, and all theoretical messages will be presented in simple and useful models and we promise you to make the training “experience oriented” with a high activity level with many fun and challenging cases.



We call it Playful Learning!

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