We are a consulting company who daily inspire, challenge and develop organizations, teams and individuals both nationally and internationally.
We have worked with some of the best known companies in Denmark.

We contribute with solutions to the challenges that an organization will face, when they want to develop their human resources.


We do this by:

  • Strengthen and develop both professional and personal skills of both managers and employees in the organization, through training, sparring and coaching.
  • Facilitating sessions that are related to team development and job satisfaction or by delivering team building events with focus on the most relevant topics
  • Together with our clients we define the success criteria and the perfect process to implement lasting solutions, which pave the way for creating excellent results.


You will soon notice that our strengths, are:


  • Our ability to engage participants with relevant topics and creating a dynamic environment for learning.
  • Our experience, insight and ability to relate to situations of the participants.
  • That we never compromise with the quality of our work.
  • That every trainer in INNER ACTION is an experienced trainer with solid business background, which we use to challenge and inspire with a sympathetic touch.

Contact: +45 29 608 609
E-mail: claus@inneraction.dk
Vedelsgade 23, 7100 Vejle