All INNER ACTION’s trainers are competent individualists with solid business life experience which we use to challenge and inspire.

You will especially experience that our strengths are:

  • to involve the participants in the topics we are working with and to create a dynamic learning environment.
  • that we possess great insight into and skills for relating to the work of the participants.
  • that we never compromise on the quality of our work.


    CEO, Communication & Learning specialist

    Claus is the CEO, a motivator, a speaker, a trainer and a learning expert at INNER ACTION. He is passionate about creating dynamic learning environments that light a spark and optimise the benefits gained by the teams, employees and managers that he comes in contact with daily.

    He is a committed and experienced trainer with experience from the world of top sports and the world of business. Apart from having played professional basketball, he has a managerial background from the restaurant business, and from being a sales manager in the insurance business, an international training consultant and a Global Trainer at LEGO. At LEGO, he wrote a manual whose aim was to focus on Playful Learning in any training in the company.

    In 2004, he founded INNER ACTION, and has since planned, developed and implemented global training courses, facilitated organisational change, boosted the energy and enhanced the skills of both employees and managers at many exciting companies.


    Senior Partner, Projectspecialist & Executive coach.

    Gunhild is an experienced and incredibly competent facilitator, coach and mentor with much psychological insight. She facilitates change and job satisfaction processes with great professionalism and integrity. Her ability to observe and address both appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in teams and individuals is incredibly motivating and it ensures valuable and personal benefits for the participants.

    She has a background as a building engineer with 10 years’ experience from project management in both national and international companies where she has established, built up and motivated several cross-functional project teams among others at LEGO where she created a project manual.

    At INNER ACTION, she works as a trainer, a mentor and a coach within talent and project manager educations, and she works as a facilitator on change and job satisfaction projects. She furthermore coaches both employees, project managers and top executives.


    Senior Partner, Sales & Leadership specialist.

    Lars is a committed, energetic and fun trainer committed to contributing to the development of people through training and coaching. He believes that with energy and willpower anyone can be inspired and helped to achieve better results – no matter the level they are at in an organisation.

    He has extensive experience from sales, marketing and management from a wide variety of businesses, and he has many years of successful results as a Sales and Marketing manager. He also plays an active role on the boards of several private companies, often as the chairman of the board.

    At INNER ACTION, he now trains and coaches managers, salesmen and employees in both private and public companies in his core competences of team development, sales and management. You will experience that Lars is direct, tenacious and curious when it comes to finding the right avenues for the people or the teams he is working with.


    Senior Consultant, Coach & Facilitator, LEGO serious play specialist.

    Jesper is a committed an experienced trainer, facilitator and coach. His extensive knowledge of human behaviour gives him the valued skill of meeting the participants on the level they are at and being an exact and valuable sounding board for them and offering exact and valuable feedback. He is motivated by developing employees, managers and teams through facilitating, training and coaching.

    He has a background in engineering and being a coach and facilitator with solid managerial experience from both Danish and international companies. He has among other things been a working environment manager and HR partner at LEGO, where he focused on developing employees, managers and teams. Jesper is a certified facilitator in the “LEGO SERIOUS PLAY” method, and has since 2008 designed and run successful “LEGO SERIOUS PLAY” workshops for private companies and public institutions.

    At INNER ACTION, he works as a trainer, a coach and a facilitator within communication, innovation and team development. On top of that, he designs and runs development and change processes.



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