As Programme Manager for our talent program “Young Professionals”, I had the pleasure to work with INNER ACTION. The purpose of the talent program was to ensure the positive development of the Talents’ performance and behavior, both professionally and personally.

In this context, I worked closely with Claus Lehmann and the Gunhild Roy, about ongoing optimization of the program’s learning objectives, content and delivery. They are very professional and focused on delivering results. They are always solution-oriented and very flexible, also with short deadlines.

INNER ACTION´s forces is undoubtedly their “High Impact Learning” approach. They have a practical and concrete approach to learning and planning various training days in which participants actively involved through dialogue, simulations, teamwork and reflection, always linked to the participants’ current situation and the company’s business and customers.

The yield of the INNER ACTION´s training is concrete, and they succeed in moving participants both professionally and personally. I have experienced great development in the young talents’ behavior. For example someone has been more outgoing, someone has learned to control their ego and others have developed their ability to work in teams.

Do you want to ensure that you actually move and develop your talents, managers and / or employees, use INNER ACTION. I give them my best recommendations!

Mette Rud

Former Talent Programme Manager and Learning & Development Consultant, Siemens Wind Power A/S

Via INNER ACTION I took part in an extremely professional learning program introducing me to a proficient project management toolbox. All learnings were based on a well communicated theoretical foundation supported by active simulations from real life challenges in the project management world.

The consultant diverges from other trainings experiences primarily by keeping momentum in the learning process with informal and direct communication, activating the audience from start to end.

The training has provided me with valuable tools to setup and navigate with/in a High performance team with the various dynamics and influencers that need to be taken into consideration to keep high performance! I have only the best recommendations for INNER ACTION.

Jens Pinderup

Renewable energy professional, Siemens Windpower A/S

What makes INNER ACTION´s concept unique is that they rise above the level of classical teambuilding. It’s not just bells and whistles or a fun day in the forest – it is active, playful learning, focusing on reflection. There is always time set aside at the end, where we relate to the patterns we have observed in ourselves in the activity.

Then we draw parallels to everyday life in the company and identifies what we usefully can do even better. Recently we entered into specific cooperation agreements and drafted internal contracts, about how we can better serve and help each other across the organization, and it has subsequently proved to be effective and valuable.

Lars Andreasen

Koncerndirektør, SE

INNER ACTION´s approach to teaching (learning method) is based on a solid theoretical foundation, many practical experience and strong communication skills. The settlement is very practice-oriented, diverse and motivating for participants. There is a high degree of cohesion in the educational learning loop – instruction, reflection, action and evaluation.

This is where INNER ACTION really differentiates itself from many other providers. The above is not just my opinion – but also what I through time have read in the many feedback from the participants.

Søren K. Nielsen

HR-Manager, EnergiMidt

As head of Danfoss RAC global PMO, made up a significant part of my work in leading and ensuring that the team of project managers are equipped to meet the challenging life as a 3D organization matrix contains.

One of the most important disciplines to provide in a complex organization like ours, especially the communicative part. A project manager must be able to handle, inform, involve and motivate stakeholders at all levels of management. A discipline in communication is ‘presentation’ – and here it is important to express yourself short and precise. In the team, we agreed that we needed to be even better prepared. To present critical situations to management.

We chose here to seek savings and support of INNER ACTION. Here we were greeted by a top professional team, who very quickly understood our job everyday and challenges. It was crucial relation. Quickly get to the heart – to work to improve each project manager’s ability to present complex issues for a demanding audience.

The interaction between the team of project managers and INNER ACTION was easy, enjoyable and filled with integrity towards each other. It is this integrity that were crucial for some successful days – especially when there are touched something as personal as a ‘human communication ability’.

Luise Bang

Global Head of Project Management, Danfoss

INNER ACTION developments include an education task management, as a third-year implemented at LEGO. The yield of the training is that participants will be able to solve demanding tasks, freeing up time from the head.

The program is a personal development program where employees have been introduced to a number of tools to help them to solve demanding tasks in a large production environment. A further benefit is that the personal and professional development increases employee motivation.

INNER ACTION has throughout the process ensured that the tools have been understood and applied properly by the employees.

Peter Meineche

Production Director of LCI Engineering & Quality, LEGO System A/S

I had a great pleasure working with INNER ACTION. The goal of our collaboration was intended to address my competencies in presentation techniques. However after a very short period of time from the start of the training, it became clear that in order to deliver and reach the goal of the training, other topics also had to be addressed besides the presentation skills. INNER ACTION´s professional coach(es) showed flexibility and they were able to provide me with the service I needed the most at that timae.

The strength of INNER ACTION in my opinion is their flexibility and commitment: the company can accommodate your request, they personalize the service according to the customers’ needs and ensure that the end goal will be reached.

Laura Johanson

Internal Projekt Manager, Siemens Windpower A/S

INNER ACTION delivered the most professional and engaging training I’ve ever been to. I recommend unreservedly INNER ACTION for anyone who wants to enhance their project management competencies.

Regardless of the project model a company uses, it is extremely important that you understand the general dynamics of a project. INNER ACTION rehearse this in simulations with elements of competition, which makes it both fun and contemporary poem enormously instructive.

INNER ACTION has many tools in the belt to train project managers, but the best thing I saw were the United Railways. The program was adapted to the project phase model used in Siemens AG, as the participants were simulated what it meant to comply with one or other quality gate when the client suddenly requires major changes in scope and so on. It was cool to the simulated project had a very specific physical aspect that you can not create on a whiteboard or a slide deck.

Allan Møller Larsen

Project Manager, Siemens Wind Power A/S

We had the pleasure to work with INNER ACTION under the heading Powerful Presentations for 2 days.

The consultants from INNER ACTION are skilled communicators and clear in their communications, as well as sharp and constructive in feedback to the participants. Participants saw everyone being moved markedly simple materials and a great deal of training, and we look forward to continue working with the tools of everyday life.

Nanna Pedersen

Senior Consultant, HR & Communications, Fertin Pharma A/S

I have had the pleasure of having INNER ACTION supplier for all of my project management courses in my time as head of Siemens Wind Power’s PMO in the supply chain. We developed together a wide range of courses intended to support and disseminate a newly developed process and project model and provide more than 300 employees a boost in their skills related to project management. The courses were developed as they were 100% customized Siemens’ processes and INNER ACTION´s ability to understand our situation and needs were impressive.

My collaboration with INNER ACTION was characterized by positive energy, idea generation and I really felt that I was listened to with respect to my needs. INNER ACTION´s strength is that they are able to understand the customer needs, develop ideas with the customer and subsequently deliver with conviction Further, INNER ACTION ability to create motivation among the students they handle and this is in my view essential to a successful implementation.

I got a group of employees that were significantly better at project management and at the same time began to speak the same “project language”. Furthermore, the new processes strongly rooted in the organization. A clear proof of this is our evaluation of the courses showed a high level of satisfaction among students

Henrik Hjorth Bonde

Director Tender & Project Management, Eltronic A/S

Contact: +45 29 608 609
Vedelsgade 23, 7100 Vejle


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